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The team members of Impact Design and Architecture Group, Inc. have had experience in building in the Austin area for the past fifteen years. In that time we have earned the reputation of being highly knowledgeable and experienced in home design and construction documentation. We have designed and been involved in the design process in hundreds of homes in Austin and Central Texas. Our projects range from custom to speculative homes from 1,000 to 13,000 square feet. We also have experience in multi-family housing, interior design, remodeling, institutional and government projects as well as commercial development projects. Our company is a well-rounded firm with the abilities to meet any of your architectural challenges.

We believe that a design should be interesting and aesthetically pleasing as well as practical and economical to build. Our staff and associates are among the most talented designers and creative thinkers in the Austin area. Through the use of the latest in architectural design tools and technology we can give you accurate and complete documentation of your project from the first conceptual sketches to the final construction documents. The heart of our construction documents lies in the extensive experience with computerized drafting and reproduction techniques used in conjunction with years of hands on experience at the drafting table and on the construction site. Our plans are designed to meet all applicable building code requirements and are certified in the State of Texas. Once complete, the plans can be used for accurate cost estimating and engineering development.

To get a better idea of what Impact Design and Architecture's services involve, a three-phase service plan is described below.


The Architect's services consist of three major phases. Client participation and approval are necessary in each of these phases before advancing to the next stage of the process.

Phase 1- Preliminary Design
Functional and spatial layouts are developed in response to the client's programming needs and desires. Aesthetic requirements are established and preliminary site data is gathered.

Phase 2- Design Finalization
Design Finalization shall proceed only after client approval of the preliminary design. Upon approval, detailed functional needs and spatial relationships are resolved in accordance with the client's comments derived during the review of the preliminary design.

Phase 3- Construction Documents
Construction Documents shall be developed only after client approval of the design finalization. After approval, construction documents are prepared for a final "check set" which will be presented to the client for the final review.

The final Construction Documents will include all information necessary for the acquisition of a building permit for the site on which the building is designed to inhabit. The package will also include all information necessary for an accurate cost determination by a qualified cost estimator.

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